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To Cork or Not to Cork

  • Can a Boxed Wine be Corked? The (re)Search Begins. Part One

    Yes, I know that this topic has been covered ad nauseum by every wine blog, website, magazine, book, opinion, study, expert, editorial, blah blah blah. I saw the dead horse. I decided to beat it.

  • Cork Taint and Box Wine – Is it Possible? Part Two

    In addition, the wine itself has direct contact with the plastic bag, which is a permeable, petrochemical-based material. If the wine has any decent acid in it, that immediately should be cause for concern.

  • Sealing the Wines, or ‘Tis it Taint? – Part Three

    I found that many people blogging or reporting online were satisfied with parroting the status quo. I call that lazy research and lazy reporting.

  • Aye Aye Mercaptan! T’aint Cork Taint! Part Four

    You’d think that having all of those beautiful experiences among the stunning scenery and environment of wine country would make me long to be a winemaker. And you would be wrong. Oh so very, very wrong.

  • Natural Cork, the Only Green Alternative – Part Five

    The cork forest sucks up CO2 which is generated in part by the plastic and aluminum refining processes. “Endocrine disrupter” is not a phrase you’ll see in relationship to cork. And there’s no such thing as a “cork spill.”

  • Research, Me, and Bibliography – Part Six

    “There has never been a peer reviewed or scientific study done to corroborate the outlandish claims of 5-10% spoilage of wines due to the natural cork closure. This a fallacy, perpetuated by those with a vested, financial interest in selling alternative closures. I’m happy to have you quote me on that.”

  • You and I, Face to Face. On Cork. Part Last

    I’m so tired of seeing the currently stylish attitude of bashing cork, often by people who claim to be environmentally conscious. Reread the articles! Screwcaps and synthetics ain’t green! At all!

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Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.
-Louis Pasteur


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