I try to plan these reviews carefully.  Really.  So it’s always a nice surprise when I snag something out of the cooler that turns out to be much better than I’d anticipated or remembered.  I bought two bottles last year, and I believe the Wineaux Guy and I drank one sometime during the summer.  So this bottle has been resting for a year and is one of the few white wines I have right now.  In fact, I do believe I have more Rosés than whites! I need to check on the Wine Cellar page to verify.

At any rate, I found some wonderful flounder fillets at the local Smith’s market and snagged them immediately. You can see the recipe here on Grapes N Grub (still under construction, more or less). I knew I wanted a white wine to go with the recipe because flounder is such a light and delicate fish and felt that even my Villicana Vin Rosé would be a little too much for such a delicate fish. Unfortunately I’m out of daily drinker whites, so I had to break out one of my better wines.

The 2007 Kiamie White Kuvée is a serious wine in spite of the kitschy spelling of cuvée.  A blend of 65% Viognier and 35% Rousanne , it has seen oak, but unlike many Viognier and Viognier blends, it is most definitely not a Napa Chard wannabe.  The color is clear and golden and has enough body to lumber around the glass.  This is where the comparison to Chardonnay ends.

Fresh apple, pear, a touch of honeydew, and a bit of early morning by the beach (don’t ask – long story) greet your nose.  Other melon nuances and a definite overtone of minerality also surface.

The mouthfeel is lush, and the white fruits predominate.  The finish displays the minerality of the wine.  I wish it had a touch more acidity FOR THIS DISH but it has a good and bracing acidity on its own.

Generally when I prepare something picatta style, I prefer to have an Oregon-style pinot noir as it pairs beautifully with whatever meat and the capers, butter, and wine.  I’m not so sure I would drink a Pinot with this, however, because of the texture of the fish.  Salmon, on the hand, is a different story altogether.

But I digress.

I found myself having an extra glass or two because it is a good drinking wine and very refreshing. A good buy at $24.00, it is currently sold out on the Kiamie website, but may still be available through the tasting room in Paso Robles or through other retailers.

There you have it! I hope that you get to stop by the Kiamie tasting room in downtown Paso Robles, so that you can enjoy some of their other wines as well.  It is a new winery and came highly recommended by DeDee of Wine Tasting Journals in Paso.  Her recommendation did not disappoint.

My rating – Not quite up to George Clooney level, but still pretty nice!

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