Ok, ok. I knew I said that I’d video each of the Calera Pinot Noir tastings. Well, it’s a work night and while I didn’t intend to tell an untruth, I just didn’t have the energy to film this tasting.  I tried though, and frankly, I wish I had taken the time to tape it.  You would have seen the devolution of a quasi-professional tasting into little more than a greedy drink-fest.

I opened up one of my precious Calera bottles and just immersed myself into pure emotional, hedonistic enjoyment.

This is a dark Pinot, and the nose has blackberries, unexpected dark plum, black cherries, and touches of clove and licorice.  The mouthfeel is rich and luscious, and the palate reflects the nose with a bit of smoke Calera Villiers Glassthrough the mid palate (toasted oak?).  The reason why I’m writing this ridiculously brief review is because the finish went on forever with a touch of sweet fruit, smoke, and spice! Each sip was a joy, and it was a beautiful pairing with my dinner. This is a wine that is not only delicious, but it’s an emotional experience as well. And hedonistic.  Definitely hedonistic. While I’m not sure what that means, it sounds naughty enough to use.

I still have bottles from the Mills, Ryan, Selleck, Reed, and the esteemed Jensen vineyards.  I’ll try to video those when I open them. Really. Trust me.



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