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I Love Cooking with Wine...

Let's face it. We will often open up two bottles of wine when we're cooking with wine. The one we actually cook with and the one we drink. Both good. But the one we're drinking is always better. Isn't that true?
Pianetta Rosato

Red, Pink, Practice, and Pianetta

As an example, venison is now being farm-raised, and therefore, it can be presumed, grain finished. Wave good-bye to the luscious, natural wild venison flavor! Let's go for American Bland!
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BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse Surprises

The bar area is somewhat elevated from the restaurant section. There's a huge, six-panel television behind the bar. On it was a variety of sporting events - primarily football and baseball - along with that annoying Progressive Insurance woman.
We Olive display

Mini-Vacation and Internet Withdrawal

Because we were walking - okay, Rod was walking, I was gimping - we didn't plan to purchase anything the first day. Good thing. It was way too easy to slip away into unbridled wine greed when tasting fabulous wines.
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ANOTHER New Look??

While I really liked the new look I'd come up with before (and so did others - I was nominated for a Black Weblog Award!), it still didn't do what I wanted to do. So I sat down to figure exactly what it was that I wanted. (If you're easily bored with techy stuff, you can stop reading now)