Jersey Cow

Got (Raw) Milk? Go Directly to Jail...

Armed government agents burst through a door, weapons drawn. Commands are barked to the individuals there to get on the floor. The agents keep their firearms leveled at the perpetrators while they search for contraband. The booty is confiscated and eventually destroyed. The perps are arrested and face substantial jail time. Drugs? Human Trafficking? Sex Slaves? Illegal abortions? Meth lab? Terrorist cell? Nope.

The Wine Garden

One of the descriptors for Cabernet Sauvignon is "thyme," and fresh thyme helps to emphasize this characteristic. And that means that even an inexpensive Cab - one that still has a decent pedigree, that is - can be something special.

The Day Job - Argh

Ah. The day job. That job that does silly things like put a roof over your head, food on the table, keeps the taxman and utilities folks happy, blah blah blah. It’s also the one that sucks all the time and energy out of your life. My day job does all of the above. And more!