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The Gorilla in the Room – Costco vs. Everybody Else

I guess that one thing I like most about her attitude is that she doesn't see it as a snobbish item, but as something everyone can enjoy. Even White Zin. Ew.

Following Zach – Part Deux

Let's face it, any restaurant that has a dish like Beef Cheek Ravioli with Black Truffles and Crushed Duck Liver is as far away from McDonald's as 2005 Bordeaux is from White Zinfandel.
Four Types of Salt

SCOW – What does THAT Mean?

As the folks who attended the SCOW could tell you, there are distinct differences in the salts that they tasted, and are as different from everyday processed table salt as I am from, say, Lady Gaga.
Paso Robles App

Paso Robles Wine – There’s an App for That!

Full disclosure - I've been a Mac Fangirl ever since 1992 when I purchased a Performa with System 7 OS. Old timers will be shocked.