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Association of African American Vintners

From the Archives: AAAV Event – Wine with Soul

People, like grapes, come in all colors. And like grapes, can sometimes be surprising with their personalities, characteristics, and the way that other people perceive them.
Example of downtown Paso Robles beautiful architecture

Downtown Paso Robles Tasting Rooms

The difference is whether or not you use the spit bucket. If you're tasting, you use the spit bucket. If you're drinking, you don't.

A Perfect Pairing – an Evening at the Bellagio

I was honest with Tarissa Tiberti, the Executive Director of the Gallery, when I told her that when I thought of Andy Warhol, I thought only of Campbell Soup, LSD, and really bad hair.
Highway 46 East

Wineries of Highway 46 East

For example, the Brochelle tasting room, although not on the Union Road Wine Trail, is located next door to Hug Cellars, which is.
Pleasant Valley Wine Trail Logo

The Pleasant Valley Wine Trail

Loosely meandering in the San Miguel area northeast of the intersection of Hwy 46 and Hwy 101, they represent some of the most incredibly scenic locations in the area.
St. Claire Hotel in San Jose

From the Archives: Visiting a Taste of Paso Robles

And since my “official photographer” and I snapped almost 200 pictures over the weekend, it took quite a while to go through everything and edit out the bad, the extraneous, the redundant, and the embarrassing, and put the remainder in galleries.
Grocery store aisle

Grocery Stores & Box Wines – Part 1

After all, cardboard and plastic aren't as protective as a glass bottle in safeguarding wine. This is something that I've felt in my gut, but I'm glad to see that it's been confirmed by the wine peeps at UCD. My head may never unswell.
Creston Wine Trail Logo

Creston Wine Trail

But that's okay ...they're also on TripAdvisor and Yelp - among others - and are very highly rated! Can't wait to try it!
Back Roads Wineries Wine Trail Paso Robles Logo

Back Roads Wineries Wine Trail

As I said in the first post introducing this series, many of the wineries will be on overlapping wine trails.

Far Out Wineries Wine Trail

The landscapes are beautiful, the wineries outstanding, and my ability to get lost while trying to find them, legendary.