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Pinirvana (That’s Pinot Nirvana)

The finish was exquisite, lengthy, and sensual, which gave me a "I'll have what's she's having" moment which the men around me immediately noticed.

Big Dog’s Food and Beer Pairing Tapping Party

If you come into this bar to cheer for the other team, you do so at your own peril.

California Pizza Kitchen – Good Food, Good Wine, Good Cause

It's a stick of butter disguised as a cake. It's so good. So rich. I felt my thighs fluff and my arteries harden from just one bite.

Marche Bacchus – Ideal Alternative to The Strip

My friend John Curtas of Eating Las Vegas fame told me in my early Vegas Wineaux blogging career, "don't review a restaurant after only one visit." Well, he's a genuine restaurant critic with years of experience, and except for the occasional stellar or stinky incident, I have taken his advice to heart.
Brew's Best Beer Festival

New Vista Beer Festival: A Wineaux in Beerland (Part 3)

So the overall review of the beers is a positive one. The lagers were novice-friendly, the ales, porters, and stouts (what few there were) were complex and mouthfilling. The IPAs ranged from gently hoppy to "Dude, where's my tongue?"

New Vista Beer Festival: A Wineaux in Beerland (Part 2)

The finish was pleasantly bitter, hinting of Meyer lemon and coffee. Delicious. And did a fairly good job of slapping my palate around a bit.

Embers in Summerlin – Brunch Notes

According to the reviews a là Groupon, this is an outstanding restaurant - "The Best Restaurant in Summerlin" it said. Okay. I'll bite.
Big Dog's

New Vista Beer Festival: A Wineaux in Beerland (Part 1)

Someone had said that they had really good food and were a "microbrewery" with "hand-crafted beers." Whatever that was.

Atascadero Wine Trail

If they make it rich, then kudos. If they don't, I can imagine that they would continue to make wine until the very end.
Fresh n Easy Wine Aisle

Grocery Stores & Box Wines – Part 2

I will write more on box wines after the Vegas Wineaux Wine Club box wine tasting next month. (insert evil gleeful cackle here)