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My Wine History – A Bar Story. Part One.

As I used to tell my friends about my working as a barback, it was the hardest work I ever did for minimum wage in my life.

2011 Calera Chardonnay – Mt. Harlan Vineyard

While the visit to Caesar's was pretty horrific - in fact, I haven't returned - the one jewel was the glass of Calera Pinot Noir which was presented to me to make up for all of the Wine Fubars they had committed.

I Must Be Nuts…

While whether I'm actually nuts or not may be a topic of endless debate...

…To the Ridiculous – $2.98 Pinot Noir Review

One month later, I finally decided to taste it. Had to let it *age,* you know.

2009 Asuncion Ridge Pinot Noir

Do you think I'm going to say bad things about a well-made example of my favorite varietal? I think not.

2011 Dr. Heidemanns-Bergweiler Bernkasteler Badstube Riesling Auslese

I've been fortunate enough to taste a Riesling that was nearly 30 years old, and it was glorious. A deep, rich gold with flavors of honey and octane. Delicious.