Fresh VeggiesIt’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since the last time I posted anything here at MirePoix Vegas, but, embarrassingly enough, it has been that long. I’m going to make up for that.

Earlier this year I experienced some serious server/technology issues that brought my sites down. Much work and incredible amounts of swearing later, Vegas Wineaux was up and running and has remained so since March. I’m happy to say that despite of being out of pocket for three months, we still were pegged as one of the top 100 wine blogs. Shocked and honored. And happy!

But I digress.

MirePoix Vegas didn’t fare as well. As real life kicked in and I became more busy with stuff, it more or less languished. Every now and then I’d take a look at it, frown, feel guilty, and keep on going. While I was recovering from knee surgery a couple of months ago, I decided it was time to get started with MPV, and started preparing for launch. Paring down the overdone look of Vegas Wineaux to a simpler, more user friendly layout inspired me to do the same with MPV.

A small, simple slideshow slider is as complicated as it gets, although I’d like to have something a little low key but visually impressive later. Everything else is soft colors, food friendly and easy to read. Right now, there’s not much except for the necessary test posts that had to be created during development to make sure that everything worked. We are almost literally starting from scratch. There’s a food photo gallery in the planning stages, but since I need actual photos to have it mean anything, that’s going to take a while.

Great logo, though, huh? That’s what I worked on during recuperation.

If you read the latest post on Vegas Wineaux, you already know some of the features that will be here. There are a few others that will be here that I didn’t mention.

Many of the Local Joints that I like are run by extremely talented chefs. Like I did with Chef Jean Paul Labadie at Marché Bacchus when I interviewed him for Vegas Wineaux about a year and a half ago, I’ll be doing likewise with some of the other locals as well. These chefs are Iron Chef America competition-worthy, and a few of us in the Vegas Wineaux Wine Club have hinted as much. Whether this may be something that they want to pursue remains to be seen. So far, there have been no takers, but we’ve only just started.

I came up with the idea of Local Joints when I stopped at another local place because I was too tired from the day job to go home and cook. A glass of wine and a couple of filling appetizers later – at less than $20.00 – and I was a happy Wineaux. While I had reviewed this restaurant pre-meltdown, I felt that it would be a good thing to let people know that the food quality, friendliness, and warmth that I (and other reviewers) wrote about were still there.

When I have some free time (ha!) I will continue to mine through the old databases and see if I can find some of the older stories and reviews to repost.

My ongoing food rants will continue. I did a food rant about Frankenfood on Vegas Wineaux a couple of weeks ago which really gave me the incentive to make MirePoix Vegas launch-ready. Whether it’s chemicals in processed food or the some of the stupid laws that government officials have come up with, I will share my opinion. And you know I have one.

I will also share my shopping discoveries as I try out different markets and cuisines. Old family recipes that really should be shared will find their way here as well. With the holidays around the corner, there should be at least a few. And don’t forget the food events that sometimes come to the local area! As I mentioned on Vegas Wineaux, there are a gazillion (give or take a couple) food-related blogs and websites out there. I will be reviewing some of my favorites and posting links so that you can visit them as well. There are a lot of incredibly talented people out there who are online, and the more I can share, the better!

So welcome to the rebirth of MirePoix Vegas. Set a spell. Take your shoes off. Y’all come back now, hear?


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