This will be quick.  As many of you know, I rescued a kitten a few months ago, and he was given the name of “Maxie.”  He was about five or six months old, very gregarious, and loved everyone.

What I didn’t know at the time is that there was something terribly wrong inside of Maxie.  Four months after becoming a member of our small household, Maxie was put to sleep yesterday, May 1.  His illness progressed over the last two months and, although he was supposed to last only a week after the “last” diagnosis, a lot of focused home care allowed him to hang on for an additional three weeks.

Cooper and I will miss our little roomie, since he was very “uncatlike.”  Outgoing, talkative, and a purr machine, he was a delightful household companion.

Give your furry friends a hug.  They don’t stay around nearly long enough.