simon-cowellI’m suddenly a contestant!

While the competition is daunting – a lot of other Foodbuzz Featured Publishers have entered with enthusiasm – I thought I’d jump in with both feet anyway.  Let me explain.

Foodbuzz is hosting a competition of its Featured Bloggers called “Project Food Blog 2010” and I decided “what the heck” and joined in the fray.  It begins September 20, and while it’s a serious competition, it looks like it’s going to be quite a lot of fun! The primary issue I will have in competing against passionate food bloggers who also happen to be extraordinary writers is that my focus is, by its very nature, on wine. My food blog, MirePoix Vegas, languishes, sadly neglected for the time being and is certainly not contest worthy.  Yet.

This contest is kind of  like a reality show; if you’ve seen Master Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, or (especially) American Idol, you already understand how it works.  A bunch of people show up to audition, the judges brutally, sneeringly, (or mercifully) expel most, and what is hopefully the cream rises for the subsequent entertainment competition.

Am I out of my mind?

While that may arguably be a moot point, I’d still like to invite y’all to hang out and see how I fare in this war of recipes, food, and words.  Will I rise to the top to be one of the final (fill in the single-digit number), or will I get stuck like day-old caramel in a cheap saucepan?

I promise that whatever happens I will wax eloquent about every step (even if it’s just one), and keep you posted on my progress. If any.

I can only hope that I won’t be Simon Cowell’d the first round.

Stay tuned…

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