Bellagio art and wine flyerOkay.  I’ve already made it perfectly clear that I’m not a “Stripper,” that is, someone who visits the Las Vegas Strip on a regular basis.  But every now and then, something comes up that tempts even a diehard like me.  The Art & Wine | A Perfect Pairing event at the Bellagio Art Gallery was one.  And I wasn’t alone.

This was the first wine event at the Bellagio that drew half-dozen Vegas Wineaux Wine Club members.  We were intrigued by the premise of pairing wine with art by Andy Warhol.  What the heck. Why not try it?

Several of us are veterans of the Warhol era.  I was honest with Tarissa Tiberti, the Executive Director of the Gallery, when I told her that when I thought of Andy Warhol, I thought only of Campbell Soup, LSD, and really bad hair.  There’s nothing like the passage of years to make one appreciate the nuances of fine art. And yes, all of you retired hippies, even Andy Warhol has entered into the realm of fine art. Who’da thunk.

William Moss, Sommelier at the Bellagio
William Moss, Sommelier at the Bellagio

There were three wines to pair with specific paintings:  2010 Triennes Sainte Fleur Viognier, 2012 Caves D’Esclans Côte de Provence Whispering Angel Rosé, and 2010 MollyDooker Two Left Feet.  The pairings were the Chanel No. 5 (1982), with the Vioginier; Warhol’s 1982 Self-Portrait in pink with the Rosé, and the Dolly Parton study with the MollyDooker.  Full bodied and voluptuous. Get it?

I enjoyed the wines, although their nose was muted by the large vase with outrageously perfumy lilies that was next to the table where we stood.  Of course, I could have moved away from the flowers, but I was enjoying the company too much to care about doing a serious tasting and analysis of the wines.  But trust me. They were delicious. And the Whispering Angel was beautiful.

William Moss, Wine Director and Sommelier at the Le Cirque and Circo restaurants at the Bellagio, explained the logic behind the wine choices with the individual prints as he and Tarissa guided us from print to print.  It was entertaining, and I know – despite my reluctance for all things Strippy – that I will attend others.  I guess it took this one time to break the ice.

Next time you’re in town – or if you’re a local – the Gallery at the Bellagio is a great visit.  “Culture,” you know.


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