AWA-logo-rgbMaybe not an “official” trail, here are some of the wineries located in and around Atascadero or those who are simply a part of the Atascadero Wine Association.  Still part of the Paso Robles AVA, I’ve visited a couple of the wineries in this list and have been impressed with the amazing quality in their wines. The two that I haven’t visited yet – and must because of their fun names – are Blue Belly and Frolicking Frog.

A personal note here:  a visit to some of these wineries and a look at their sites will show that they are doing this because of a passion for the grape.  If they make it rich, then kudos.  If they don’t, I can imagine that they would continue to make wine until the very end.

The map displayed here is the same as the general Paso Robles Wine Map, with just the Atascadero region displaying.  I just couldn’t find one that displayed all of the wineries in the table.  With that in mind, you can – with a little effort and cursing – map out a route on Google.



Atascadero Wine Association

Ancient Peaks Winery

Hidden Oak Winery

August Ridge Vineyards

Indigené Cellars

Bon Niche


Blue Belly Estate Winery

Nichols Winery

Changala Winery

Pomar Junction Vineyard & Winery

Frolicking Frog Wines

Pozo Valley

GreMark Vineyards

St. Hilaire Vineyard


Atascadero Wine map,jpg

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