Hacked!Since I’m about 90% moved into my new home, I decided to write a post to let y’all know where I was.

HACKED!  I had an unfortunate message waiting for me when I went to Vegas Wineaux, and immediately contacted my web host.  All of my sites were down!

It took the entire weekend (and then some) to get it resolved, and that meant that I had to go and do some serious fixing of the site, which ate up another day and a half, but it appears that everything is working again. I’m sure someone will let me know!

But fear not!  My remaining HGTV projects are few and I’m happy to be writing again!

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Vegas Wineaux

Vegas Wineaux

Hi! I'm the Vegas Wineaux and love to write about my experiences with wine, food, Wine Country, and (fabulous) Las Vegas! Click on any of the Social Icons to follow and see what I'm up to!

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