bobby-flays-barbecue-addiction-19Of course I love all things wine.  So early this Monday morning when I was getting ready for work, I tuned to Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction on the Food Network because the title of the episode was “Wine and Dine Barbecue.”  What’s not to love?

Before I go into my rant – which newbies may see as shallow, opinionated, narrow-minded, and snobbish, and I’m good with that – I just want to make a couple of things perfectly clear.  I love Bobby Flay.  Not only because of his phenomenal recipes, but also because of the fact that the one time I got to meet him in person, he was lovely.  He was busy and still found the time to quip while working on dishes to serve to us unwashed masses.  He made me smile, showed incredible class under stress, and I’m a fan forever.  And of course, there’s the food. What more can I say?

The recipes in the episode were stellar – Flatbread with Fresh Figs, Monterey Jack, Blue Cheese and Red Wine Reduced VinaigretteRib Eyes with Goat Cheese, Meyer Lemon-Honey Mustard and Watercress; and Grilled Chicken Salad with Apricot Glaze, Homemade Mustard Vinaigrette and Grape Salad.  All from scratch on an outdoor grill.  Now that the weather is trending towards Spring, I’m so there.

This is an ugly glass, but it's being held correctly by the stem.
This is an ugly glass, but it’s being held correctly by the stem.

So what’s my gripe?  The theme of the episode was grilling in wine country. Terrific. But I have to ask – do they not have a single wine consultant at Food Network?!?  First of all the wine glass they made Bobby hold was slightly hideous and not at all suitable for the quality of wine you’d expect to have with FOOD COOKED BY BOBBY FLAY! (Sorry for yelling. Feeling more than a little irritated).  And then, nobody at Food Network apparently told Bobby how to properly hold the glass.  It did have a stem, so he could have held it properly. Instead, he jelly-fingered the bowl, which, as you know, is frowned upon by us snooty types.  That’s the primary reason that I don’t like the stemless wine “glasses.” And of course, there’s the issue of the fingerprints left on the glass. But that’s a topic for another rant.

The reason that wine is served in stemware is because the hand can have an impact on the temperature of wine and can reduce its enjoyment.  A few degrees north of where it’s supposed to be (which can happen if the bowl is cradled in warm paws), and a good wine with great texture and zing can turn flabby and uninteresting.  So don’t hold it by the bowl and don’t use stemless glassware for good wines.  Especially if you’re planning to enjoy the wine with good food and not just chug it down.  Might as well be cheap beer.

There.  I feel better.



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