Target Wine1You’d think that after trashing the Café Zinfandel like I did, the fact that I went out and bought a cube of boxed Pinot Noir would be the height of insanity.  And you’d probably be right. But who knew I’d have such an abundance of choices at the odd wine cellar known as Target! They sell wine at Target in California. Vegas, not so much.  In fact, according to the Targets I’ve haunted since returning home, none at all.  How did that happen?!?

Let me explain.

After enjoying a bottle of 2010 Barista Pinotage (The Wineaux Guy’s review – Yum! Bacon! Coffee!), and “tasting” the disastrous Café Zinfandel, the only bottle of wine we had left to enjoy was the 2009 Williams Selyem Peay Vineyard Pinot Noir. And because that was going to be our Saturday night dinner wine, drinking it was out of the question.  So while he napped, I adventured out to find a bottle that we could enjoy.  And because I needed a couple of extra things, I stopped at the local Target.  You always forget something and can always find a stand-in at Target.

I happened upon the Wine Aisle.  That’s not a typo.  We don’t have anything like that here in Vegas.  I know. I’ve gone to just about every Target in town since then, and although they may have an extensive food area ala Super Walmart, there’s no wine.

Imagine my delight when I found that not only did they have the expected popular swill wines (Arbor Mist, Skinnygirl,Target Wine3 etc.), but they also had a large variety of regular everyday wines as well as the unexpected über wines. As for the latter, seeing a $50 bottle of Veuve Clicquot next to a $9.99 sale bottle of DaVinci Chianti was a little surreal.  I chose a bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle Merlot (like many Washington reds, it was light bodied but good) and a bottle of Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc for fun.   And then I saw it.

The Wine Cube Pinot Noir was on a shelf across the aisle facing the bottled wines.  Considering my earlier post about box wines, I thought it was appropriate to purchase it. Besides, for the equivalent of four bottles, the price of $16.99 was a steal. I took my purchases back to The Wineaux Guy and happily showed him what I bought.

“You’re not going to make me drink that, are you?” was the first thing he said (wide-eyed and frightened) when I presented the Pinot Noir Wine Cube.

“Of course not!  This is going to be for tasting and reviewing with some of the Vegas Wineaux Wine Club people if I can talk them into tasting it.”  That made him happy.  I still haven’t managed to corral a victim volunteer yet, though. But Wine Cube Pinot Noirdon’t worry. It’s on the bottom shelf of my Haier wine cooler (yes. I cellared it.) waiting for review time.

But even if I have to open up the box and review it all myself, I’m willing to sacrifice for the cause. Besides, just how bad could cheap box wine be if it’s a Pinot Noir? 😉

So why wine in California Target stores and not in Vegas? I’m sure it has to do with the one industry that can’t leave California – and that’s the wine industry, of course. Although there were many places of origin for the wines that I saw, the California wines – from all over! – were in full display.  Good.  I’ve noticed some really good wines in all kinds of stores in California as they support the premier industry of the state.  Except in Toys R Us. Of course.

Now while Target wouldn’t be the first place I’d think of if I wanted to buy a bottle of wine, it would certainly be worth the time to wander down the wine aisle while I was picking up laundry detergent. Why not?

Target has wine. Who’da thunk.

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