Paso Robles 11 AVA Petition – A Consumer’s View

I've spent some time reading the varying opinions of winemakers, wine growers, bloggers, columnists, ad nauseum, and finally decided to jump into the fray myself.
Eberle vineyards and canopy

Can Gary Eberle Be the Latter Day Steve Jobs?

Karma's a bitch. But she's only a bitch if you give her reason to be. I think Karma's going to have a great time with these three clowns.

Paso Robles Cab Collective Wine Trail. ish.

I won't name any names, but I recently spoke with a Master Sommelier whose lip actually curled (!!!) when talking about Paso Robles Cabs. Was that a sneer or what?!?

2010 Calera Pinot Noir de Villiers Vineyard

You would have seen the devolution of a quasi-professional tasting into little more than a greedy drink-fest.

My Wine History – A Bar Story. Part One.

As I used to tell my friends about my working as a barback, it was the hardest work I ever did for minimum wage in my life.

2011 Calera Chardonnay – Mt. Harlan Vineyard

While the visit to Caesar's was pretty horrific - in fact, I haven't returned - the one jewel was the glass of Calera Pinot Noir which was presented to me to make up for all of the Wine Fubars they had committed.

I Must Be Nuts…

While whether I'm actually nuts or not may be a topic of endless debate...

…To the Ridiculous – $2.98 Pinot Noir Review

One month later, I finally decided to taste it. Had to let it *age,* you know.

2009 Asuncion Ridge Pinot Noir

Do you think I'm going to say bad things about a well-made example of my favorite varietal? I think not.

2011 Dr. Heidemanns-Bergweiler Bernkasteler Badstube Riesling Auslese

I've been fortunate enough to taste a Riesling that was nearly 30 years old, and it was glorious. A deep, rich gold with flavors of honey and octane. Delicious.