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Nevada’s Wineries vs Brothels Dilemma, Cont’d.

If your county has a population of 700,000, you can have whorehouses but you can’t have wineries. Stupid.

Chris Kassel
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A Rite of Paso – A Book Review

A Rite of Paso reads like it was a collaboration between Dick Tracy, Walt Whitman, Humphrey Bogart, and Truman Capote. With Woody Allen overseeing the plot twists.

Dr. Jim
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Dr. James Giacobine – An Eberle Icon Passes On

Dr. James Giacobine, half-brother of Gary Eberle and co-founder of the iconic Eberle Winery in Paso Robles, passed away quietly in his sleep in late January at the age of 95.

Tahoe Ridge Winery Vineyard
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Nevada and Wineries and Bordellos, Oh My!

In Nevada, what do whorehouses and wineries have in common?

Siduri 201503
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Siduri Surprise!

Before I even had a chance to tell you about the wonderful Siduri and Novy tasting at the Aria with Adam Lee, I was hit with a shocker.

clendenen cork
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Today’s Tasting Note: Pinot Noir and Zinfandel

I didn’t realize when I purchased the 2011 Plungerhead Zin a few weeks ago that it was made by The Other Guys, whose mission, it seems, is to make good wines at everyman prices.

Butterfly Beach in Santa Barbara
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My First WBC* – Coming Soon!

It’s still about a month and a half away, and that makes me feel like a child waiting for Santa. Oh. Wait…

Paso Vineyard Hammersky
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California Wine Appellation Specialist – So What?

“It’s California,” I said to myself. “How hard could it be?” It was pretty damn challenging as it turned out. “This was a walk in the park,” said no CWAS student. Ever.

Near Edna Valley
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I’m a New CWAS. One Down…

It’s not unusual to do an overnight road trip to a “Wine Country” and back over the course of a weekend. Yes, it’s so close that even a tourist to Las Vegas could take a couple of days to visit Wine Country. How great is that?

Paso Robles AVA Map
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Paso Robles 11 AVA Petition – A Consumer’s View

I’ve spent some time reading the varying opinions of winemakers, wine growers, bloggers, columnists, ad nauseum, and finally decided to jump into the fray myself.

Cabernet Grapes
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Paso Robles Cab Collective Wine Trail. ish.

I won’t name any names, but I recently spoke with a Master Sommelier whose lip actually curled (!!!) when talking about Paso Robles Cabs. Was that a sneer or what?!?

Villa San-Juliette
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The Estates – VSJ – So You Think You Can Drink!

While I walked out of VSJ without joining the club, that was by the thinnest of margins and utilizing a willpower I didn’t know I had.