BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse Surprises

The bar area is somewhat elevated from the restaurant section. There's a huge, six-panel television behind the bar. On it was a variety of sporting events - primarily football and baseball - along with that annoying Progressive Insurance woman.

From the Archives – Could Steeles be Dead in the Sweet Water?

Steels Dead?
Happily, they eventually closed. Apparently, bad service - no matter how great the food - was the karma that blessed Sweet Water. In its place, however, rose STEELES, an eclectic fusion steakhouse. Whatever that means.

From the Archives – Sweet Water Experience Not So Sweet

The four of us were seated immediately and were given a complimentary sample of pistachio-encrusted tuna pâté with black sesame seed crackers. Delish. Unfortunately, that was the last really positive thing that happened.

Elements of (Italian Wine) Style – an Evening with VWWC

I was done. There was nothing left. I cried uncle. Generous servings along with delicious wines had done me in.