I feel the environmental impact of the cork industry cannot be underestimated.
Smartphones may very well be the new Nikons. Or if you have an iPhone 6s Plus like I do, even Hasselblads! (inside photographer joke).
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Just how many times am I going to review this wine?!?
It bodes well for the resurgence of cork, particularly in light of serious environmental and climate concerns.
I had an embarrassingly large meal at the Brat Stop (where two insane people are the proprietors), but it helped me to continue to observe and photograph the event without having to worry about the drunken staggering factor.
I'm especially happy that I had the presence of mind to stop at Refugio State Beach and take some footage and photos just days before the horrific and inexcusable oil spill.
For many years, Nevada wines were known for their relentless mediocrity - they seemed to be White Zinfandel wannabes - and there wasn't much that the serious wine person could glean from them other than a collective meh.
Oh stop the screaming. There are those of us who can't suck down an entire bottle of wine in one night!
However, there are a couple of white varietals that give me fits because I find that I'm always comparing them to their French counterparts.
I would love to be able to enjoy the 98+ point wines, but no wine shops have layaway.

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