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  1. Caitlin

    Hi Vegas Wineaux,

    I hope you’re having an excellent week! I just wanted to follow up one more time to make sure you saw my message from a couple weeks ago about an awesome infographic I think you and your followers will enjoy. Just to recap…

    My name is Caitlin and I am helping to represent a beautiful luxury home that’s for sale in the foothills above Boulder, Colorado. This home has a number of unique characteristics, but one I think you will find most interesting is its luxury wine cellar that holds over 600 bottles and has its own temperature control.

    We have created an infographic about the cellar that I think will interest your readers (I mean, how could any wine lover not love this cellar? ). The infographic goes over elements of this unique cellar, as well as has some cool wine facts. It’s viewable here:

    If you’d like to share with your community, please copy the code found underneath the wine infographic on the wine cellar page

    Or, feel free to share on Facebook or Twitter.

    Thanks for your time! Hope you find the infographic pretty cool!


  2. Vegas Wineaux

    Hi Caitlin,

    I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. This home is out of the scope of my blog, but it is absolutely gorgeous. One of those “if I win the lottery….” type of homes!

    Vegas Wineaux

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