Creston is a small town about 14 miles southeast of Paso Robles.  One of the smallest wine trails, none of the wineries/vineyards listed is in Paso Robles proper.  Currently there are only five wineries on the wine trail, but on the Creston Wine Trail site there are additional links to a restaurant and an olive oil manufacturer.

The restaurant is The Loading Chute, which is a BBQ joint.  By the way, their “website” is actually a Facebook page, so if you’re not on Facebook, you won’t be able to see it.  But that’s okay …they’re also on TripAdvisor and Yelp – among others – and are very highly rated! Can’t wait to try it! The descriptions of the restaurant and food sound yummy!

The olive orchard is Olivas de Oro, an organic olive farm which monitors every step of the olive oil process – from tree to fruit to oil.  Along with bottles of wine, I’m planning to bring home bottles of olive oil, too. Once again, can’t wait – olive oil tasting is going to be a big part of my trip!

The links will take you directly to the individual wineries, but if you want to take a look at the very nicely crafted Creston Wine Trail site, just Click Here.


Creston Wine Trail

August Ridge

Shadow Run Vineyard

B & E Vineyard

Stanger Vineyards

Chateau Margene




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