The original post was going to be titled, “I Made Demi Glace. Now What?” but I didn’t want to appear like I was too much of a plebe.  But that was my dilemma; I had made this gorgeous Demi Glace (Read about it Here on MirePoix Vegas) and didn’t have a clue as what to do with this beautiful gelatinous masterpiece.  All I knew was that when I tasted it, my eyes rolled back into my head and I emoted “Sacre Bleu!”  Whatever that means.

I searched the ‘Net for recipes because my Julia Child Cookbook was just a little too much for a weeknight.  I found this wonderful recipe for a more-or-less weeknight Bordelaise sauce at Angela’s Food Love and oh my! Shallots, thyme, a bay leaf and about a half bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon (in this case, a 2007 Opolo Cab), rapidly reduced to mere teaspoons and quickly sieved, was the start.  A few quivering tablespoons of the Demi Glace, gently simmered and finished with a generous pat of unsalted butter – which turned it into silk – before being poured over a piece of pan-seared, oven-finished rib eye.

Now this is where the “I Get It” part comes in.  Asparagus (quickly sautéed in butter with a squeeze of fresh lemon seems to banish of the wine/asparagus problem), some crusty French bread, and a glass of Cabernet made up the remainder of my simple meal.


I can’t even put into words how absolutely perfect that pairing was.  The wine’s earth, cassis, cocoa, rich berry, plum, and spice married the dinner. Not just paired.  I don’t have the words … but I got it.  Reluctantly I have to tip my hat to the French. The combination of the Cab and the silky lusciousness of the Bordelaise created from the homemade Demi Glace was a terrific success. More than a terrific success, but words fail me. Hard to believe, huh?

While I’m still very much in “Now What?!?” mode while trying to figure out what next to do recipe-wise, I have at least one that I can fall back on.  As I write this, the remaining Demi Glace is freezing in ice trays so that I can transfer them to a container for special Demi Glace adventures later on.  I just acquired a special bottle of Bordeaux, and the Wineaux Guy and I are making plans to enjoy this wonderful combination later.

Vive La France!

Oh yeah. Next post I promise to get back to wine – not only with the fun events I’ve covered over the last month, but also the fabulous time we’ve been having at the Vegas Wineaux Wine Club!

Stay tuned!

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