Although I haven’t talked about it much here, my friends’ ears have been chewed off as I’ve constantly yammered about my upcoming adventure/holiday/leisure time/vacation in Paso Robles.  The others, well…let’s just say that I like to confuse and educate them at the same time.

I was chatting with some folks and mentioned that my going to “Wine Country” for a vacation was going to be a lot of fun.

“Oh!” they inevitably say, “going to Napa!”


{{Insert confused look here}}

“But aren’t you going to wine country?”


“Isn’t that Napa?”

“Not in this instance.”

I let the confusion brew for a few moments, and then let them know that I’m going to be spending time in the Central Coast, specifically, Paso Robles. But I will be doing some traveling from Santa Barbara to Monterey.

“Oh! Santa Barbara! Sideways!”

{{Insert deep sigh/eyeroll  here – they don’t see it}}

I smile.

Napa, in the minds of many, is the only wine country about which they know or have heard.  Some people know Sonoma (as they should!), but relatively few are familiar with the other wine regions of California.  Even fewer are aware that there are wine regions in every other state. Some people thought that it was legal for there to be a wine country only in California!

There are a lot of reasons why I chose Paso Robles as my Central Coast base of operations. First, I love the town, and my best friend and her hubby live there.  The Wine Festival will be celebrated during my first weekend, and the Festival of the Arts during the second. In between there will be roaming the California coast from Santa Barbara to Solvang, Paso Robles to Monterey.  My cameras and notepads are at the ready, and I’m jonesing for adventure.

Don’t hold me to this because I’ll deny it in public, but I’m even planning to go ziplining.  The Wineaux Guy™ thinks I’m nuts.

He may be right.

While I’ve spent a lot of time during the past few months enjoying Pinot Noirs, Rosés, and other miscellaneous wine varietals, I’ve noticed that as the weeks go by, I’m really missing luscious Zins, Syrahs, and Rhone blend wines.  These are the specialties of “my” Wine Country! I guess that since it’s close to the semi-official start of the summer season (Memorial Day) and the requisite grilling is in the wings, the attraction of summer reds is ready to make an appearance. And there’s a new challenge! But I feel that the CAB Collective deserves its own post. It’s only fair.

It’s less than five weeks before the first vacation I’ve taken in decades rolls my way.  My apartment is paid for, and I’m already packing! So even if my “Wine Country” is not your “Wine Country,” you can be sure that this will be a terrific adventure!


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