Armed government agents burst through a door, weapons drawn.  Commands are barked to the individuals there to get on the floor.  The agents keep their firearms leveled at the perpetrators while they search for contraband. The booty is confiscated and eventually destroyed. The perps are arrested and face substantial jail time.

Drugs? Human Trafficking? Sex Slaves? Illegal abortions? Meth lab? Terrorist cell?


The criminals were selling raw milk.  Which, technically, should just be called “milk.”  The other kind is pasteurized milk. But there’s more…

Although I can’t afford to live there again, I love California.  If their taxes and (frankly, ridiculous) regulations weren’t so draconian, I’d be searching for my retirement home there right now, if not looking for a job.  But this isn’t truly a political rant.

In spite of my angst with California, they do one thing right. They allow raw milk.  Raw milk – milk that hasn’t been pasteurized, homogenized, chemicalized, or other alterations thrown into it.  It’s milk straight from the cow – usually grass fed only – and the difference between that milk and “store-boughten” milk is like the difference between roses and chickweeds. True, the Governator made already draconian regulations regarding raw milk even more repressive, but that’s to be expected. It’s what California does. At least it’s still available even if the regulations doubled the price.

Whenever I visit, I always try to get a half gallon or so of raw milk, butter, cream, etc.  Primarily because my stomach and system actually like raw milk products.  That very different from regular commercial milk, which tends to, um, *bind.*  So I’m an advocate of fresh unheated milk and wish that I could buy it here in Nevada.  Legally, that is.

There are raw milk naysayers aplenty out there, and that’s okay.  That’s their choice.  Unfortunately, they want their choice to be my choice.  How dare they?  My body, my health, my risk (which is miniscule), my life.growth-hormone-cows  The silly thing about this is that if I were pregnant (I’m almost 60, so that would be headlines – but I digress), I could “choose” to have an abortion.  I want raw milk, but I can’t “choose” to buy it to drink.  I would risk the seller’s being convicted and sent to jail.  Exaggeration? Not so fast.

I read a recent article by Dr. Mercola which got my ire up all over again.  You wouldn’t think that this would be a big deal. But a recent raid on an Amish farmer by the FDA brought this issue to the fore once again.  In the San Fransisco Chronicle June 7, 2011 edition, Political Blog writer Carolyn Lochhead observes in part:

“The FDA is in the midst of writing the critical regulations that will implement the Food Safety Modernization Act Congress passed last year with applause all around from the Obama administration, Democrats and Republicans despite ferocious opposition from small-farm advocates. The sweeping new law gives the agency extraordinary powers to detain foods on farms. It also denies farmers recourse to federal courts.”

The comments following the article are priceless.  It really isn’t about public health. It really *is* political.  The food safety chief is a former lawyer for Monsanto, who makes rGBH the growth hormone that artificially increases the amount of milk that a cow can give.  While it sounds relatively innocuous, it is very damaging to the cow, and the hormones have been preliminarily linked to specific types of hormonally related human cancers, premature sexual maturation of young girls, etc.  While those who make rGBH-free milk are required to place blurb stating that no difference has been found between those treated or not treated, the final effect of the milk is what really counts.

The scary part is now Monsanto is going from state to state to get even that blurb removed; in other words, consumers won’t have a clue as to whether the milk they’re drinking is treated with these hormones or not. Monsanto doesn’t care. They just want to sell their stuff – side-effects be damned.  Frankly, they want to lull you into a sense of false security.  The fact that they are apparently getting away with this is scandalous. Cronyism at its worst.

All is not lost, however.

Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) introduced HR 1830 , the Raw Milk Freedom Bill, which isn’t just about having the ability to purchase raw milk, but about liberty.  In the following video, Rep. Paul gives the rationale behind introducing this bill:

[embedplusvideo height=”365″ width=”400″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=sAQdjjXCN6A&width=450&height=365&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=1&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep8004″ /]

I could go on.  But the best thing I can advise is to keep up with what’s going on in this war – that is not an exaggeration – is to Google “Raw Milk Freedom.”  And go onto for more information.
I could go on for pages. However, it’s up to you.  Get out there and yell!!