Well, I got home late last night, brought in the wine, food, and clothes, and more or less passed out.

When I went into the day job this morning, I survived the threats of epoxy (as in me to my desk if I ever THINK about taking a vacation lasting longer than, say, five minutes), put out a fire or two, caught up on email (spawn of Satan), and reluctantly fixed the out-of-office messages. The dozen or so lottery tickets I purchased will go a long way in supporting the economy of California. But not much else.


The wines.

I did something that I’ve never done before. And that is, I bought at least as many whites as reds. Can you believe that! Whether it was the stellar Syrah Rosé at Villa San Julliette, my go-to Rosés from Villicana or Vines on the Marycrest, or the new (to me) Vermantino from Vina Robles, the whites and Rosés impressed.

I went to a Viognier-only tasting and traveled up and down the coast (ostensibly) for Pinot Noirs, but ended up with a lot of white wines. I’m still looking at the boxes and cases that still hold everything, and will be unpacking sometime in the next few days.  I’ll give y’all an exactish count when I do. Until then, the wines will bask in air-conditioned comfort. Which wasn’t needed during the evenings in the Central Coast.

But I digress.

Meanwhile, I have a gazillion pictures, hours of videos, and pages upon pages of notes and observations to sift through as I share my experiences during this wonderful trip. From the southernmost end of San Luis Obispo County all the way to the tip of Monterey, the fun, excitement, moments of contemplation, and discovery of some incredible wines was so worth it.

Even though I slept in most of the time. But more on that later.

There’s a LOT of stuff to talk about and to share!

Stay tuned…

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