The last week or so has seen much of the Western United States held captive by what can charitably be called Surface of the Sun (SotS) temperatures.  Las Vegas weather has been particularly punishing; it’s been years since I’ve felt temps this high. That was the end of June, and it’s now July.  July, in my opinion, is the convection oven of the Las Vegas year. It’s not Chamber-of-Commerce-poster-child time here in Sin City.

The Wineaux Guy™ was here for five days last week, just when we were beginning to get hit with the worst of it.  While our early morning walks were pretty nice, we spent most of the time ducking from air-conditioned building to air-conditioned auto and back again.

This weather has sent me reminiscing over my visit to the Central Coast in May. While ostensibly I was there to enjoy the Paso Robles Wine Festival (and I did!) I was determined to spend time at the beaches. I visited Pismo Beach, Avila Beach, Shell Beach, Cambria, and Monterey.  Some of my best composed photos were taken during those times, even though my aging DSLR allowed some dust to get into the body behind the lenses, which is a side-effect from a drop last year. That has seen me slaving over a hot Photoshop to get the little dust bunnies and mites off of the images. (Note to self: purchase new camera next year.)

I gathered a few of my favorites and a couple of video clips and put them together in a pretty cute slideshow for your enjoyment.  Be sure to enlarge it to full screen to get the full impact of the ocean breezes and the waves.  The weather was gorgeous and the photos reflect that.

Enjoy! Oh – by the way – be sure to give the video time to load. It’s HD and that always takes a little longer!

(PS: Ironically, just as I’m getting ready to post this, we’re having an incredible thunderstorm and it’s pouring. Go figure.)




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