I feel so vindicated! I love Iron Chef America, even more than the original Iron Chef. However, over the years the producers have gone just a little nuts. No pun intended.

I love ICA because of the creative ideas that the chefs – with the time frame of one hour hanging over them – manage to bring to life in the form of great (*usually* great) food. The fact that they are doing this in that time frame just blows me away. So the secret ingredient and the chefs are the key to the success of ICA. The “Chairman” is just an ornament. He is not truly necessary, but he is entertaining. And thanks to the producers and/or people who think they are clever, he also has become a throwback to the bad Karate movies of the 70s, 80s, and beyond. How? Have you been listening?!?

It started as just a little “whoosh” in 2008. Before that time, the “Chairman” was a decent enough Master of Ceremonies even though anyone with anything resembling a brain could see that he was not in charge of the secret ingredient, boss of the Iron Chefs, or the owner of “Kitchen Stadium.” But that’s okay. Most people – including me – are pretty willing to suspend reality in order to be educated and entertained. My eardrums and level of irritation, however, aren’t so understanding.

Nowadays, the whoosh has become idiotic. It’s like the bad Kung-fu/Karate movies where every strike is a whoosh and every body blow is a bone-shattering thud. Silliness, through and through. Each year the whooshing issue has gotten worse. The great thing is that I’m not alone!

A quick google will bring bring up any number of whoosh complaints. The interesting thing is that nobody (and I mean NOBODY) thinks that the whoosh is a great idea. There are no whoosh fan clubs, devotees, or aficionados, but there are plenty of irritated fans. Vindication!! Apparently, the producers of ICA don’t care that the fans hate it. They have their thing and that’s all that counts. Screw us. We’ll watch anyway and they’ll get to play with their sound effects. Morons.

And, of course, we’ll continue to watch. However, I DVR everything and just fast forward whenever possible in order to reduce my whoosh exposure to minimal levels. And just in case you thought that my comparing the “Chairman” to bad martial arts movies is just a fluke, then take a look at this. Anyone look familiar?


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