Now that I have your attention 🙂

Of course I’m still buying wine.  But with a difference.

I found myself falling into the habit of constantly purchasing “okay” wines because I want to save my “good” wines for “special occasions.”  Those special occasions usually involve the Wineaux Guy, of course.  Well, because we have a long-distance relationship, we can’t get together and enjoy the wines the way we’d like to.  Of course he had no idea that I was thinking this way. But then, do men ever figure out how women think?  But I digress.

I found myself complaining about having these wines and not allowing myself to drink them, and he asked me why.

“Well,” I said, “I feel guilty when I’m enjoying a beautiful wine and you’re not here.”

“Silly girl. Drink away!  Isn’t that why you bought them? To enjoy?”

So pragmatic.  

I opened up one of my older bottles of Laetitia Pinot Noir. In a word, omg.

Thanks to Rod and his humor and support (yes, he thinks I’m insane, but that’s okay) I can enjoy the finer stuff I have, guilt free, with his blessings.

Special occasion be damned.

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  1. I agree. Sometimes you need to say screw it. The missus keeps saying the same thing “Save it for this etc”.” NO! I wanna drink itnd enjoy it. That is why we bought them! LOL


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