Paso Robles AppAs many of you may know, I got my iPhone last month and have been in a delirium of joy ever since.  Whether I’m out walking while rockin’ to my iTunes, listening to my Podcasts, telling Siri what I want to do next (note to those who are thinking of an iPhone …. Siri can be deaf at times), or finding more apps to get for free or spend too much money for, I’m ecstatic about my new toy.  Full  disclosure – I’ve been a Mac Fangirl ever since 1992 when I purchased a Performa with System 7 OS.  Old timers will be shocked.

Of course I had to check to see if there were any wine apps, right?  A quick Google on Wine found zillions.  A search on Paso Robles, Paso Robles Wine, and Central Coast found exactly what I needed.

I’ve spent quite some time perusing the various apps. They do a lot of the same things, but there are a couple of standouts.

First, the things they have in common:

Nearly all of them list all of the wineries.  Some list just a few.

Some of them also list restaurants

My favorite also has coupons for various things they appear/disappear according to the push technology. Yesterday’s coupon could be todays “dammit. I should have grabbed that one!”

They range in quality from It Looks Like I Built It to App Expert Extraordinaire.

The list that I have on my iPhone currently (this could change tomorrow!) are as follows:

  • Paso Robles Wine
  • Paso Tours
  • SLO County
  • Wine Wherever – Paso Robles
  • Mr. Picky’s Paso Wine
  • San Luis Obispo Wineries
  • Genius Paso Robles (mapping only)
  • Hospice du Rhone
  • Central Coast Wine
  • Clavo Cellars

As you can see, there’s quite a few apps, and there are a few more.  My favorite is the simply titled Paso Robles Wine.  It’s the one with the wineries, maps, restaurants, links, and coupons.  It doesn’t have all of the wineries, but it’s a good start for a long weekend of tasting. Or even a week.

Clavo Cellars, by the way,  is the only Paso Robles winery with its own app.

And yes – for you Napa and Sonoma-philes out there – there are apps for every wine country.  This is just my favorite!

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