Paso Pinks

Some of My Paso Pinks!

Wednesday through Monday saw me in the beautiful Central Coast wine country of California.  It began in Paso Robles on Wednesday afternoon, moved to Buellton Thursday through Sunday, and finished up in Santa Barbara Sunday evening.  It was educational, tiring, fun, exciting, and I wish I could rewind it and experience it all over again! About 350 of my closest blogger friends and I decided that we couldn’t live without spending a week in perfect weather!

For those of us who had signed up for the pre-conference excursion in Paso Robles, it was an immersion in the facts and wine lore of the Wine Enthusiast’s “Wine Region of the Year.”  Even though I initially met Wine Enthusiast’s crowning with a heavy dose of skepticism, it can’t be argued that it has garnered Paso Robles the long-overdue respect it has long been due.  For that reason alone I’m pleased, and from the quality of the presentations given by the winemakers, they are, too.

I will have to show you the photos later since not only did I have to deal with some traffic when driving home yesterday – imagine a semi with a spilled load of carpeting all over the Cajon Pass with CHP officers scratching their heads – but I also had to attend an online class with the Society of Wine Educators this evening after a full back at The Day Job™.  Needless to say, I’m beat!

Stay tuned for more to come! I have a lot to catch up on since my iPad blogging app wouldn’t cooperate!