Tasting from the barrel at Hug

I just posted the first of several tastings and tasting adventures videos on YouTube from our Zin Festival weekend in Paso Robles a couple of weeks ago. We had a blast, and I think it shows. We met some of the greatest (and craziest!) people there, and you will get to meet some of them.

We spent a lot of that weekend at Hug Cellars, mainly because we were staying in Cambria (about 30 miles west of Paso) and had to make some hard decisions on our wine tasting/partying schedule for the weekend. Rod and I wanted to do some tastings inside of a winery, and Augie gave us free access. We hope to do more of these in the future, but with so many great wines and winemakers, it’s not going to be easy!

This video shows us in the early setup stages of getting ready for our upcoming, three-part mega-tasting inside of the winery at Hug Cellars. This one is about a minute long and shows some off-the-cuff comments about one of the wines we were preparing to review. As a member of the wine club (one of the first wine clubs I joined), I’m very fond of these wines and it shows.

As an aside, I didn’t know the camera was rolling when we did this. While it may appear that I’m looking directly into the camera at a couple of points, I was actually looking at some guys who were trying to fix some barbeque-related item after a mishap of some sort and who were walking back and forth behind the video setup.

During this series of videos, you will be introduced to some wineries that will probably be new to you. Like Hug, Villicana, Vines on the Marycrest, and so many others in Paso Robles, many of these are boutique wineries that have a very small, limited production and whose wines you may never experience unless you’re there or a member of their club. Boy do I wish I were rich.

So enjoy this little preview of what’s to come, and stay tuned for more!

Pre-Tasting at Hug Cellars

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