Sometimes you need to pair wine with food. Sometimes the food is a chef’s delight and the wine should be a celestial experience. Sometimes the food is something you threw together and doesn’t need a wine that requires you to contemplate its soul or savor its essence.  Sometimes you just want a glass of wine.

Let me explain.

The other night after an overly long day at the day job, I was hungry and desperately in need of a glass of wine.  I don’t do fast food – except for the occasional Subway – and just didn’t feel like regular restaurant food.  Because I was in the southwest part of town, I decided to go to one of my favorite Asian markets and pick something from there. I headed straight back to the seafood department, and I chose a nice plump Croaker.  It is a very sweet and tender ocean fish, and along with a nice salad, it should, I reasoned, make a nice meal that won’t expend a lot of energy.

So what to have with pan-fried Croaker and a kale/Romaine lettuce/mixed veggie salad? Well, I didn’t want a white even though the weather had changed from wintery cold (for Vegas) to our usual Chamber of Commerce weather that’s our month of April trademark. I rummaged through the whites anyway, but nothing struck my fancy.  I started looking through the reds and Bingo! There was a Pinot Noir that I’d purchased a couple of weeks before.

It was a 2010 Hahn Winery Pinot Noir Monterey. One of my fall-back wines. What does that mean?

There are some wines that will do the job, so to speak, no matter what.  It was late, I had had a hard, stressful day at work, and I just wanted a small meal and a glass of wine. As I noted earlier, I didn’t need something from the I-Can’t-Believe-I-Spent-That-Much-For-A-Bottle-Of-Wine cooler. So the Hahn Pinot fit the bill perfectly.

At about twelve bucks, it is a very good value and a good wine. I don’t think I’d ever confuse it with my Kosta Browne or Williams Selyem Pinot Noirs, but it’s good. I chuckled when I saw it and quickly opened the bottle.

I can only compliment the wine. It looks and smells like Pinot! Just as a side note, I’ve had some other low-cost Pinots that didn’t.  In one case in particular, it was more like Syrah, and in another case, it was a fairly decent cheapish red wine, but it was no Pinot Noir.

The Hahn also tasted like Pinot!  That’s all I asked for and that’s what it delivered.  It was ideal with my $8.00 dinner. It’s a good Pinot.

No contemplation or deep reflection needed. Just drink and enjoy.


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