J. Lohr Chardonnay

J. Lohr Pinot Blanc

I wrote this on my iPad on Friday, July 11, and was dismayed to discover that I could not upload the posting to my blog! I’m still not sure if it was a glitch with the network (which several people experienced) or the app had issues, but it was a no go!  So, one week later, hereyago.  I had planned to take a photo of each wine, but the time was so limited that by the time I got ready to take a photo, the next wine was there!

For those of you who may be curious about what “speed blogging” is, it’s a five-minute window of time that we have to review a wine – that is, view, listen to the wine rep, taste, and type – and there are ten wines in total.  It sounds like a long time, but believe me, those five minutes literally zoom by!  So what’s following is my ad hoc blogging experience on reviewing white wines.  By the way, we didn’t have any dogs.  All of the wines were quality, some more than others, of course.

There was also a speed blogging session on reds the next day, but I haven’t reviewed my entry.  If I remember correctly, fatigue was setting in and I was annoyed at not being able to upload any of my postings.  So if it doesn’t appear….


Forgive me for any typos, but I don’t usually blog on the iPad, and this is a “speed-blogging” session!

First wine 2013 RIOS of Chile Sauvignon Blanc. At $7.99 SRP, there’s nothing wrong with this wine.  While I think that the cold has dimmed the nose somewhat, the palate is amazing. It has the type of bracing acidity that you’d expect from a quality SB, and this one tastes easily twice the price.  This is the kind of palate I expected on the California Sauv Blanc I wrote about last week. Five thousand case production, and I could drink this all summer long!

Second wine 2012 Jordan RRV Chardonnay.  The SRP is $30.00. On the nose, vanilla, green apple, pear, which reflects its French oak aging.  Light creaminess on the palate, with the palate reflecting the nose. Long, soft, pear-infused finish. Delicious!

2013 Buttonwood Zingy Sauvignon Blanc.  Clear, day-bright, and has gooseberry, dried grapefruit peel, and a touch of cat pee (yay) on the nose.  Santa Ynez Valley wine.  On the palate, lots of citrus, great “Zippy” acidity (great name, it fits), and a long grapefruit finish. At $20 a bottle, it’s better than the other one from last week, which should have tasted like this.  There’s a little oak on this  wine which boosts the mouthfeel considerably.

Fourth wine is 2013 Aridus Malavasia Bianca. Very clear, very bright, and the nose  is amazing. Floral, sweet fruit, touch of bergamot. Smells sweet, bone dry.  Medium acidity, with a long flowery-and-Meyer lemon finish.  Suggested retail is $28.  This is a good wine. From ARIZONA! Who’da thunk!!

Fifth wine is a 2013 Danza del Sol Vermentino from Temecula! All stainless, dry fermented, .07 RS, 13.9% ABV.  A surprising grapefruit nose, very similar to Sauv Blanc. Very light mouthfeel, gooseberry and  citrus predominate.  Medium finish, medium-plus acidity. Once again, a good wine, but I didn’t get the retail! Tasty, and shows how Temecula is working hard to improve its reputation. Nice wine.

Sixth wine 2013 Ferrari-Carano Fume  Blanc (100% Sauvignon Blanc), and it retails at $14.00 a bottle. Clear, day bright, with surprising legs. Citrus, white stone fruit, and a touch of smoke on the nose. Citrus and sweet fruit on the palate, but it’s a dry wine (just trust me on this). Nice longer citrusy finish, and makes me think of Thai food. It’s Ferrari-Carano. What.

Seventh wine is 2013 Grassini Estate Sauvignon Blanc from Happy Canyon! You gotta smile at that!  Clear, bright, light legs. Light gooseberry, grapefruit, stone fruit, wet stone on the nose with medium-plus acidity, and a long, citrusy finish.  It retails at $28, and comes from a completely sustainable winery.  Case production is only 504, and this wine does see some oak.

J Winery 2013 Joie de Gris Pinot Gris. J Winery is a female owned and operated winery. Stainless steel fermented and retails about $12- $16 depending on location.  Light, clear, day bright with very light legs. ABV is 13.8%. Pear, citrus, stone, on the nose, and despite the low RS, has a honeyed finish.  Medium acidity.

Ninth wine is 2013 Wente Riva Ranch Chardonnay from Arroyo Seco (Monterey). This has 97% Chardonnay, 3% Gewurtztraminer. Clear, pale straw in color with medium legs. I am a malo/oaked Chard, um, whore, and don’t care what anybody thinks.  This wine is terrific, with all the stuff I like about this style of Chardonnay without being overdone. Very balanced with vanilla, green apple, cream, citrus on the nose, and yumminess on the palate. Medium finish and at $22 retail, a bargain.

Tenth wine is a J. Lohr 40th Anniversary Pinot Blanc, so named because it was one of the first varietals they planted (which turned out to be Melon de Bourgogne, but that’s a different story).  This is an actual Pinot Blanc, and was specifically grown in anticipation of the 40th anniversary, but it’s so popular that they may expand vineyards and production. Clear, bright, with just a touch of yellow and it has medium legs. White fruit, stone, light honey, and the palate reflects the nose, with a long, citrusy finish.  It’s expensive for a Pinot Blanc at $40.

So that’s it! Speed reviews over, and we are fatigued.  I would recommend any of these wines, all for different reasons. I will have pics later when I figure out how to use the ipad app.  🙂

Thanks for hanging out, and stay tuned for the next session.