A couple of Saturdays ago I decided to go to the Spring Wine Fest held at the Golden Nugget and stay overnight for a very mini-staycation. I have a complete review of the Golden Nugget here at Tripadvisor. I go into a lot of detail about my stay there, and I can say that I’m very happy to recommend it during your next staycation. Meanwhile, here’s a little excerpt as well as my fun take on the Spring Wine Fest.

The Golden Nugget and Old Vegas

Since I was talked into attending the Spring Wine Fest at the Golden Nugget last Saturday, I decided that I might as well stay overnight and treat myself to a one-night mini staycation.

My Room in the Rush Tower

I had gotten a standard room through one of the online booking services that will go unnamed (note – try the hotel first! I got ripped!), but I decided to upgrade since they gave me a slammin’ deal. I stayed in the new Rush Tower and was very impressed with the quality of the room. The style of the new tower is very similar to what you’ll see in the Delano on the South Strip. I think that if more of the downtown casinos can up their game as the Golden Nugget has done, they can steal even more business from that part of town, especially since the Strip parking gouge has gone into effect.

But I digress.

There’s still a certain old Las Vegas feel to parts of the resort, but that’s (in my opinion) part of its charm.

So enjoy the hotel and casino (I actually won a few bucks!), visit the restaurants, and skip the buffet.

The Spring Wine Fest – the Seminars

The first seminar I attended was all about Pinot Noir. There were ten Pinots from Napa and Sonoma for us to taste, and it was hosted by two Master Sommeliers and the winemakers.

Was I in heaven or what.

The wines were wonderful as I had expected from such an event. Naturally, they all “tasted like Pinot,” but with subtle nuances in aromas and flavors. My favorite of the day – although it was really hard to pick just one – was the 2011 Bouchaine Carneros Pinot Noir. It had notes of dried tart cherry, raspberry, a soupcon of strawberry, and a beauteous finish. Its average retail is about $35.00

The second seminar was a little confusing at first. All of the online material said that it was a blind tasting. I had decided to pass because I didn’t feel like working. However, during the Pinot Seminar, they said that it would be a seminar on Cabernet Sauvignon – all Napa and Sonoma. That was a no-brainer, wasn’t it?

All you have to do is to repeat the comments above about Pinot. The wines were wonderful, and considering the source, I was not surprised that they were wonderful. Among the well-known names such as BR Cohn, Hess, Caymus, and Schug, I discovered that the 2013 Sbragia Monte Rosso of Sonoma was easily my favorite. It was dark and dense with notes of blackberry, blueberry, dirt (in a good way), leather, and cassis. Absolutely luscious and confirming my theory that Sonoma Cabs are easily equal to Napa’s. Its average retail price is about $65.00.

The Spring Wine Fest – Grand Tasting

As soon as the doors opened, the stampeding herd and I invaded the Grand Ballroom. After snagging a glass, I headed straight to the table where Kosta Brown was located. While there, I indulged myself in several “tastings” of the 2014 Kosta Browne Gap’s Crown Pinot. Pure bliss! At an average price of about $140.00, it’s a little too dear for my house-poor pocketbook but still a beauty in all other ways. Which, I guess, explains the cost.

On the same table was Goldeneye. Yeah, I went nuts there, too!

The food provided was incredible, but let’s face it. I was there for the wines.

Not surprisingly, I found my favorites from the earlier seminars: the Bouchaine Pinot and the Sbragia Cabernet.

While my friends more or less gave out early, I stayed till the very end and savored as much as I could. I still swirled, sipped, and spit a lot, though, which meant that the trek to my room was uneventful and I looked sober-ish.

Will I go again next year? Lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise, I hope to! While I’m not so sure that I’ll stay overnight, I think I’ll take advantage of the seminars again. I found them to be quite educational and the Master Somms engaging.

Enjoy the photos!




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