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2001 Provenance Carneros Merlot

I Drink No Wine That’s Past Its Prime

And then I tasted it. Dammit.
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Sometimes you just want to have a simple wine to pair with dinner. "Well now. What pairs well with bagged salad?" You get it.

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My entire list is housed at CellarTracker.com, a great place and resource for keeping track of wine collections, tastings, and what's currently popular among wine aficionados. Feel free to compare what you like with what's in my collection. And by all means, be sure to stop by CellarTracker to see what's happening in the "real" wine world - the world of everyday people enjoying wines.

Wine Ratings and the Real World

Something you may not know is that wineries submit their wines for ratings. So what? That means that there are many wineries out there that do not submit, and therefore go “unrated” and unrecognized.