Boxes of local wines
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Paso Robles Wine Festival – Largest Winery-ish

The largest winery in Paso Robles isn’t one of the massive wineries such as DAOU, Tooth & Nail, or even Villa San-Juliette. It’s not even a winery, at least not technically.

The grounds at the Paso Robles Inn
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Vintage Paso: Zinfandel Weekend Zinposium!

While once the wines were big, jammy, fruit-forward, and alcoholic, they now have added layers of complexity and maturity which was almost unheard of a decade ago.

Baby Zin Grapes

2014 Wine Bloggers Conference – Paso Robles Excursion Day 2

As an aside, the winemakers seem to be taking a wait-and-see attitude since the ultimate proof of the harm – or not – of the ongoing drought will be in the quality of the wines.