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Passing the Certified Sommelier Exam…Or Not. Part Deux

Let’s just say that the very first thing I did during the service portion more or less guaranteed that I wouldn’t walk out with my Certified pin in hand. It was ugly.

Exhausted. Really Exhausted.
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The Return! Wines, Vegas, Sommeliers, etc.

Between studying for every test on earth and being in the middle of a major IT/web project at The Day Job™, I have had nothing remotely approaching a social life.

Court of Master Sommeliers Introductory Sommelier Pin
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I, Sommelier – My Introductory Sommelier Exam Adventure

My happy over-achiever psyche is gnashing because I really do want to know where I finished. I’m used to 90s and above, so this makes me crazy. But don’t get me wrong…I passed! I’m happy!