Ah. The day job.  That job that does silly things like put a roof over your head, food on the table, keeps the taxman and utilities folks happy, blah blah blah.  It’s also the one that sucks all the time and energy out of your life.  My day job does all of the above. And more!

The non-newsworthy item is that even in government, layoffs abound.  My department’s staff population was originally seven, and it’s now one (me).  It would actually be two, but a coworker is on leave for a month. Argh. So, essentially I’m doing three full-time jobs and several part-time jobs as well.

I have also come up with original ideas to help save money, and created a website for our department. It was time consuming but did a lot to cut down on the number of phone calls. Yes, that’s a brag ‘cause it’s beautiful!  If you get a chance to check it out, please be patient with the load time.  The calendar “engine” slows down the load time in some browsers, but it’s a necessary part of the site’s functionality. This is a brag and absolutely unnecessary for this post, but I couldn’t resist!

So, my wine – and lots other! – activities have been curtailed somewhat. Actually, I have a lot of articles pending that just need to be brushed up and posted.  After working nine- to twelve-hours, even that little bit of effort can be a bit much at the end of the day.  However, I’m getting accustomed to the hectic pace, and slowly but surely, am building up endurance.  Of course, there are those (I won’t even mention the Wineaux Guy’s name here) who think I’m just losing my mind and in that “compromised” condition, am not able to notice that I’m tired. Oh what does he know.

I hope you’ve been able to hang out at MirePoix Vegas, where I’ve been posting recipes and food news.  The latest two posts are on salsa and fish tacos, perfect for the summer.  Not too much about wine over there, but plenty on food and beer!

So hang out and stay tuned as I edit my posts and get everything revved up again!

Oh! I almost forgot!  Happy Independence Day!

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