Stylized '29 Roadster on GalleryThis is probably unexpected for many of you, but I thought I’d spring it on you now even though I still have quite a bit of work to do on the site.

This – along with wine – is my other passion.  I have been an artist at heart for most of my life, and have been largely frustrated because of a few life circumstances.  I used to skate in Roller Derby about a hundred years ago, and I broke my right arm during my adventures.  That broken arm essentially ended my dreams of being an artist – fine motor skills and dexterity went away.  I made up for it in photography. Unfortunately, as a poor student photography was really out of my budget (expensive hobby, as is most art forms), and over the years, it more or less languished as real life took priority.

Along comes digital photography! I’ve had fun with it over the years, but very recently I purchased a digital SLR (DSLR) and Photoshop, and my artist’s heart is soaring.  This gave birth to the idea of the Gallery at Vegas Wineaux. While I have been using some of my work to showcase my wine reviews – you’ll recognize my kitchen wall if you’ve been to my home – I have been busy behind the scenes doing some pretty serious photography.  Yeah, I think it’s that good.

Click on the Gallery link on the Vegas Wineaux menu, and a new browser page will open.  Please give it a little time to load – there are many “thumbnails” that

Image from
Pentax DSLR

link to the full-sized photo on separate pages.  Graphics can take a while!

If  you want to learn more, just click on the About page on the Gallery menu, and all of the details are there.  You will be able to see how my love of wines,food, art, and photography combine into a beautiful whole. Currently, the offerings are a little sparse, but there is so much more to come. I always have at least five projects going at any given time, and there will be more to share on The Gallery at Vegas Wineaux. Enjoy!

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