KitchenAid MeltdownFor those of you hoping to see something wine-related here, you’ll be disappointed.  This is a (hopefully) final rant about kitchen appliances. No wine here today. However, since wine and food are such an essential part of life (wine and food make a food group all on their own), it’s still kind of related. Sorta.

Those of you who have followed my kitchen appliance nightmares know that I’m blessed to still have a  kitchen.  House, actually. After the meltdown (almost literal) of my stove last year, the loud, grinding death of my dishwasher, and the disintegration of my microwave, my opinion of KitchenAid/Whirlpool has been damaged forever.

Let me explain.

Six months after I renovated my kitchen (2005) my Whirlpool g2microven started to fall apart.  The handle came off. Six months.  Although the handle was considered “cosmetic,” I was able to get it replaced free of charge.  Six months after that, it fell off again. And by that time, the air vent had started to disintegrate.  I tried to polish some spatter from the bottom of the microwave only to find out that the “stainless” was actually plastic.  To be fair, the functionality of the oven never suffered.  However, it really turned out to be an overpriced piece of crap made in China.

“But!” you may say. “Surely Whirlpool came to the rescue!”

HA! Not even close.  One of their customer service wienies sent me a couple of notes letting me know how “concerned” they were and how customer happiness is oh so important, but that’s about it.  Nary a word again. Not once. Not to any of my emails. They didn’t get to be one of the largest appliance concerns by actually doing the right thing for the occasional disgruntled customer! Silly you! Six years after purchase, it literally fell apart over the stove.  It happened on tape.

The stove is another story altogether.  My KitchenAid (a division of Whirlpool, by the way) stopped working. Actually, it continued to work, even when I didn’t want it to.  The oven wouldn’t turn off and continued to heat the stove and my kitchen and my home until I called for an emergency gas cutoff and turned off the electricity to my house.  It was replaced (thank goodness for extended warranties) by a GE Profile.

KitchenAid/Whirlpool customer service? What?!? Did you think it would be any different from the microwave fiasco? Hahaha! Since it was no longer under their warranty, they had very little interest in spite of the extremely dangerous situation that occurred. I was alive, my house was undamaged, so I probably wouldn’t sue them. That’s all they cared about, apparently.

And the dishwasher that I initially loved turned into a whirring, useless pile of stainless steel and surprise! No care from KitchenAid/Whirlpool. <<yawn>> I’ve read this story before.

My new stove is now a GE Profile, and my microwave and dishwasher are both Bosch.  Although I don’t use the microwave much – I’m a purist – it looks beautiful and I can clean it without worrying about losing paint from the plastic. Mostly because it’s actual stainless steel rather than stainless steel colored plastic.  The dishwasher has performed flawlessly and I hope it lasts as long as the dishwasher before the KitchenAid – a contractor-grade that lasted for nearly 20 years. It was original to the house.  By the way, my new appliances were all a matched set.  I fully coordinated my kitchen accessories!

I hope you enjoy the video.  I taped it in early spring when I was recording the condition of the microwave for documentation.  After some deliberate pondering, I decided it was time to post it. Let’s just call it a cautionary tale on video.

There. I feel better! Oh! Lest I forget, I need to do a shout out to RC Willey, who, even after it was obvious that KitchenAid had nary a care about my near disaster with the stove, came through with flying colors and honored the extended warranty that I had purchased from them when I got my appliances.  It really should have been KitchenAid’s concern, but it was pretty obvious early on that they were doing their backpedaling best to stay out of the situation.


Next, back to wine!


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