verdejo 2013Yum!

Okay, let me elaborate.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been reviewing quite a few white wines (for me) this summer.  Maybe it’s because I’m really feeling the heat in Vegas this year, or maybe it’s just because I like refreshing wines.  I think it’s a little bit of both.  After spending nearly a week in the Central Coast and coming back to 111ºF, I didn’t appreciate the “dry heat” quite as much.  Let’s see – on the pier at Santa Barbara vs. 111ºF tough desert heat.  You do the math.

But I digress.I received a bottle of 2013 Verdeo from Torres, and when I reviewed it, I realized just how lucky I was to be enjoying such a wine in this desert heat. The wine is 100% Verdejo grapes and is made in Rueda, where the summers are hot, dry and harsh. Hm.

I liked the wine because it’s not one of the relatively wimpy white wines I’ve had in the past; it has body, fragrance, texture, and great flavor.  The citrus (lime), bay leaf, and pine nut nuttiness add to its character and differentiates it from Sauvignon Blanc, which was the impression I got when I first opened the bottle and poured a glass.  What the Verdeo has in common with just about any New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc I’ve had is its fragrance which makes it a wine you really look forward to drinking. The textured mouthfeel, food-friendly acidity, and wonderful fragrance make this a wine worth seeking out.

Anyway, enjoy the video.  And as a side note, my brain apparently wasn’t working when I indicated that the Verdeo is 100% Verdejo although the law says that the wine only has to be 85% in order to call itself Verdejo.  The correct number is 50%, and I made a mental note to correct that on the video, but it slipped past me.  Too eager to get to my dinner, I guess!

By the way, this is a wine that is priced far lower than its quality.  It can be ordered online or you can find it at your local wine shop from about $8 – $13. Enjoy!

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