Today’s Tasting Note – California Sauv Blanc

IMG_0005There should be no doubt about how much I love California wines.  However, there are a couple of white varietals that give me fits because I find that I’m always comparing them to their French counterparts. And not in a good way.

Those two varietals are Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc.  While I’ve found that I like Australian Viogniers more than California’s, neither of them approaches the deliciousness and heady fragrant decadence of the French.  Somehow, they seem to fall a little short of the Je ne sais quoi that the Condrieu and other Northern Rhone whites seem to have. I promise not to go on a rant.

In this case, I tasted (still yet) another Sauvignon Blanc from California and was somewhat disappointed.  It was a very nice white wine, but for $20, I expected an excellent Sauvignon Blanc.  With a good Sancerre (from the Loire, of course) priced just a tad more and tasty New Zealand SBs that can be had for a song, I feel that California falls just shy of hitting the mark of consistent excellence.  I look at the value of the wine as well as the quality, and this had me shifting from one foot to the other – figuratively speaking.

At any rate, here’s my review.  Let me know what you think.



California Sauvignon Blanc.

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