Look! No invisible guests!

They saw it first. My friends, I mean. While I’d seen it in the DirectTV listings, I hadn’t paid it any attention and just chalked it up to another program that had a wine-like name and would break my heart once I found out it wasn’t about wine.

I was wrong.

When one of my friends came up to me, slightly wild-eyed and joyous and asked me “HAVE YOU SEEN IT?!?” I had no idea what he was talking about. “Seen what?” I asked.


No, I admitted. I hadn’t. Just because it had a wine-ish name didn’t mean it was actually a wine program. He, wild-eyed and all, looked at me like I’d just grown a new cranium. Several other people turned to look at me with the same expression.  I suddenly felt the way you feel when you have that dream where you aren’t wearing any clothes and everybody looks at you like you’re crazy? That feeling.

The Plot. Kinda.

There is no plot, although it could be. Think of SOMM in mini-series format.

Several young Advanced Sommeliers are studying, tasting, serving, and angsting their way to the Master Sommelier exam. It’s been called the hardest examination in the world, and considering that only about 200 have passed it in, what? 40 years or so is a testament to its difficulty. There have a lot more doctors, lawyers, and engineers who have passed their respective tests than Master Sommeliers. Even proportionately. Wow.

I finally watched it and therefore recorded and kept every episode. I loved it although I had a hyperventilating, palpitating moment when they went through the service portion of the Top Somm competition. As you may recall, I apparently hit an invisible elderly guest in the head with my tray during my service part of the Certified exam. Not good.

But You Said There’d Be No Math!

One of the problems that I have is the same problem when taking Algebra. I could get the answer, but I couldn’t tell you how I got there.

Same with the tasting portion of the exam. Not only do you have to properly deduce what the wine is, but you have to use the infamous “grid” in order to get there. I have a great palate in that my deductions are almost always right on, but the grid gets me every time. (“Is this stone fruit or white fruit? Is this blackberry or blueberry? etc.”) Watching these neo-Masters go through the steps while tasting is phenomenal and tells me that I need to step up the studying and tasting and seriously hit the books. And the grid. Bleagh.

Uncorked episodes air on Tuesdays at 10:00 pm.  I’m officially addicted.

Have fun with this one!


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