Needle in a haystack! It’s an old cliche, but perfectly describes my quest to find a place to stay in or near downtown Paso Robles for ten days. Of course, my ten days encompass both the Wine Festival and the Festival of the Arts the following (Memorial Day) weekend, but I thought I’d be greeted with open arms.  After all, I’m not just looking for a place for a weekend.  I’m looking to take a vacation!

Not so. At least not unless I come with a bottomless wallet, which, if you know me, just ain’t possible. As one girlfriend pointed out when I told her the quote I’d been given by one place – “You can go on a week long cruise to the Mexican Riviera ALL INCLUSIVE (!!!) for less than that. And have money left over. Girrlll – You need to forget Wine Country; take a real vacation!”

She’s not a wine person, much less a Paso Robles person, so I’ll just let that pass by. It’s tempting, but I’ll let it go. The “money left over” part is hard to ignore. But I understand her point. Completely.

So while my original plans were to stay downtown in the middle of the action (such as it is in Paso), I may have to, um, *expand* my vision somewhat. I have approximately a dozen inquiries on different properties ranging from a studio apartment to a darling two-bedroom cottage. Maybe some of them will actually answer and not just point and laugh.

Paso Robles, California

Downtown Paso Robles, California (Photo credit: Bikoy)

So why am I so set on getting an apartment or house instead of nice, room-service-friendly hotel room? Like civilized people?

A kitchen. I need a kitchen.

Remember what I said in my first posting? There is a Farmers Market going on somewhere every day in the Central Coast, and while I don’t plan to visit each and every one, the fact that I can get fresh fruits and veggies at a moment’s notice is too tempting to leave to hotel living. You can’t stir fry in a microwave. At least not well. If you even have one.

So until I find a place that I can settle into – and be reasonably certain that the owner won’t change his mind and kick me out because someone else showed up with the bottomless wallet – my Paso Robles Getaway! posts may sound more like pity parties. Just give me a hug when you see me and I promise to stop whimpering once I’ve found a place.

Stay tuned…

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