I hosted the monthly home tasting at my place last week for the Vegas Wineaux Wine Club.  The theme was Wines of Trader Joe’s.  I have to admit that there was a decided reluctance on the part of many of the members to even attend the tasting. However. The Trader Joe’s tasting was quite an eye-opener for many of us who tend to have more, um, *polished* palates than the average person. Okay, I’ll just say it. We’re wine snobs.

Tony McAlexander of the Trader Joe’s store located at Washington and Buffalo here in the NW area of Las Vegas brought six wines to share with us. They included the following:

  • 2007 Trader Joe’s Grand Reserve Pinot Noir
  • 2006 Trader Joe’s Reserve Rutherford Meritage
  • 2008 Trentatre Rosso  (which also has Braille on the label)
  • 2007 Novella Petite Sirah
  • 2008 Trader Joe’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2006 Conte de Bregonzo Amarone

What?!? Trader Joe’s has its own label?!? Yes indeed! And the wines were far better than the prices would indicate. The most expensive wine was the Amarone at  $18.99 (if I remember correctly) and the least expensive was the 2008 Trentatre Rosso, which, amazingly, turned out to be the wine of the night simply because its price of $5.99 completely belied the character and quality of this simple Italian red.

I brought out my 2006 Trader Joe’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon to share as well. Yeah it was yummy, and at $9.99 when I purchased it, was another quality stunner.

Enjoy the slideshow! I am trying to put another one together which focuses on our friend Tony’s “problem” of keeping his eyes open when he’s getting his picture taken. I have about 25 shots of Tony and his eyes are open(ish) on maybe four of them! Stay tuned for that one – I’ve been chuckling while working on it.

Meanwhile, Trader Joe’s, always our friend in the budget healthy food department, has done the same with its wines. There are free tastings Fridays through Mondays at the TJ’s on Washington. The times are approximately 2:30 pm through 5:30.


PS:  Or you can go straight to the slideshow here.

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