I have decided to take a vacation after many years of *not* taking vacations. I haven’t spent a week away to anywhere, ever. Yes, I’ve taken long weekends – who hasn’t? – but as far as taking a long vacation, it hasn’t happened.

Until now.

The Wineaux Guy™ and I have talked about this for months. Actually, our original plans included going either to Hawaii or Puerto Rico for a vacation in 2012, but real life – and its associated expenses –  kept us from realizing any plans. So we finally just threw our hands up in the air and gave up.

When we went to the Olive Festival a couple of weeks ago in Paso Robles after too long an absence, I realized just how very much I love that town and how much I had missed it. And I told him, “I want to vacation there.” He thought it was a great idea, and so the plans are in the making!  Because of his business, he won’t be able to stay the entire time; it’s one of those “real life” things that has an annoying habit of disrupting plans.

The first thing I did was to secure lodging. Because I’m going to be staying for a full ten days, I didn’t want to get a hotel room. I rented an apartment which is safe, secure, and close to everything fun in Paso.  One of the great perks is that it has a full kitchen. The Central Coast area has Farmers Markets EVERY DAY, and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to have fresh produce and other fresh goodies.  My long getaway is going to be awesome!

So what are the plans?

Stay tuned!


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