By the time you’re reading this, I’m hoping that you’ve had some time to marvel at the new look and feel of the Vegas Wineaux website and blog.  Months of planning went into the development, and it was almost all lost about three weeks ago when my (now former) hosting company had serious server issues which caused my databases to be corrupted and my design and layouts to disappear.  In a nutshell, about six months of work was jettisoned because of the snafu.

But rather than cry about it, I fired them, found another company, fired THEM, and am now with a company based in San Francisco (just outside of Napa – can’t be a bad thing), and so far, they’ve been very helpful.  Not only that, I was able to retrieve years of postings which means that you guys are going to be treated to lots of golden oldies in the future!

So while the site isn’t as complete as planned, it is still ready to go even if it’s a little skinny in the content department.  But fear not … there’s so much more to come!

Enjoy the new site – it’s actually smaller than the previous one because I tried to be a lot more efficient while offering a few more bells and whistles. Watch for an upcoming YouTube slideshow on the changes.

I’m sitting here, late on a Sunday evening, finally able to sip a glass of a wonderful Rosé from Paso Robles . Who needs Champagne anyway!

Thanks so much for all of your patience and concern.  This has been a long undertaking, and there’s still more great stuff to come.  The disaster was merely a setback, a ripple in my schedule, but it has given me more. um, *opportunities* to plan for the futre. And I so appreciate my fellow wine lovers whom I’ve missed during my hermit months!

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned!

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