Here’s the Magical Cellar of wines that I, one person, own.  How crazy is this?  These – except for a couple of exceptions – are everyday drinkers that are priced a little on the high end..for everyday drinkers, that is.  Most are $25 or less, with a few being a lot more expensive for those special occasions and special moments.  My entire list is housed at, a great place and resource for keeping track of wine collections, tastings, and what’s currently popular among wine aficionados.  Feel free to compare what you like with what’s in my collection.  And by all means, be sure to stop by CellarTracker to see what’s happening in the “real” wine world – the world of everyday people enjoying wines.

And for the record, I don’t get paid for this.  Don, Mark, and a few others I know have discovered this wonderful resource and have taken full advantage of what it has to offer.  On a personal note, it’s also saved me lots of time updating Excel spreadsheets!

CellarTracker isn’t just about databasing the wines of a few collectors.  Following is a list excerpted directly from CellarTracker of its features available to subscribers:

Cellar Inventory Management

  • Report and search by producer, vintage, varietal, etc.
  • Purchase price and valuation data (locale settable)
  • Consumption history
  • Restaurant-quality printed wine lists
  • Per-bottle location & bin tracking
  • Personal tasting notes
  • Bulk import tools for existing spreadsheets and databases

Tasting Notes

  • Record your own notes
  • Group a series of notes into tasting events
  • Read more than 1 million community tasting notes
  • See what others say about wine in your cellar
  • Automatic integration with 200,000 professional reviews including Stephen Tanzer‘s IWC,  Jancis Robinson‘s Purple Page Roy Hersh‘s, For The Love of Port, and much more (for co-subscribers)
  • Store other professional reviews and scores (in compliance with copyright)
  • Community bulletin board

Enjoy my collection and be sure to write me if you have questions about CellarTracker, about the wines that I’m drinking, and why the heck I didn’t do a review!  By the way, I don’t always leave tasting notes.  If the wine is flawed, just not good, I’m feeling lazy, if I’ve already had a wine several times and left notes accordingly and the wine hasn’t changed, or I feel that my palate is “off,” I won’t leave a note.  Which, I think, is actually pretty common among the CT membership.

So enjoy the list, enjoy the site, and be sure to check out CellarTracker as soon as you can!

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